Posted by: tabliope | January 6, 2015

I forgot to mention the most exciting thing that happened in October; we sold our house. If you want to revise what stress is then try completing on a property on the 23rd December when you’re managing emptying the house remotely because you’ve promised to do things for your family. Anyway, my experience would suggest that the easiest way to sell your house is to remove yourself from the equation and trust in the experts.

We’re now house-hunting and I can tell you based on my extensive experience (viewed 8 houses) that most sellers have no idea what buyers are looking for. And what’s fascinating and important to you isn’t the same for others. Mr T is a good and patient man but even he has a limit for being told about exactly how the home-made shed was put together. Plus I don’t care that you sanded the kitchen doors five times using the correct grades of sandpaper each time. Doing a mime of sanding the doors doesn’t make me want to buy your house either. And the reason your wife stayed in the hall while you demonstrated this is because she’s had it up to here too. I bet that every single time you go through that door you say five times and then stroke the door.

Three of the houses we’ve viewed had no books that I could see which I found slightly odd. None of the bedside, none in the sitting room, no cookery books piled in the kitchen. One of my friends suggested that they’d tidied them away or that they had kindles. If I tidied all my books away that are on bookshelves (which surely is tidying away?) then I’d need to have an underground bunker. And kindles are fine they’re not but surely you would keep some well-loved books? Our books are part of our furniture and although I’ll admit to putting some of the better titles in our sitting room (or reception room as estate agents would insist on calling it) I don’t hide any away.

And breakfast rooms would appear to be a thing now. Three of the houses had breakfast rooms and I’m unsure what would happen if we tried to eat a meal other than breakfast in there. Would the residents’ association send the neighbourhood watch co-ordinator round to admonish us?  (2 of the breakfast rooms were merely aspirational breakfast rooms consisting of tables at the end of the kitchen but one of them had a genuine, real-life breakfast room). Anyway, must go now because it’s almost time for the laundry room to turn into the kitchen and I need to get the blogging room back to being a dining room.



  1. We’re planning to put all our books into storage when we sell but I bet we’ll have replenished supplies and filled that vacuum back up by the time we actually move.

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