Posted by: tabliope | January 5, 2015

Look! A bandwagon! I’m on it.

I saw two blogs come back to life and thought, I could do that. Obviously not the one where Ms Mac promises to take a picture every day for a year, I’m not that mad, but I can do gentle easing. I can tell you what I did in 2014 and then probably disappear again for 8 months, but, in the parlance of the youth, whatevs.

What I did in 2014 by Tabliope aged, a lot.


I didn’t have to get on a plane after my Christmas holiday which was great although I did have to sit through rain and floods which was less great. I bought a bike and started cycling but because of said floods, a lot of the gentler routes weren’t available. I updated my CV and started visiting employment agencies. I got a My Waitrose card and got my free newspaper and sat in a lovely coffee shop in town pondering the visits to employment agencies. I also joined the library and joined an embroidery class.


It rained. I sat in the coffee shop and pondered the employment agencies and the children staffing them. Anyone who told me that all my voluntary work and varied experiences would really help me find an interesting job got pretty short shrift.


I went to Devon where it didn’t rain and walked up hills. I sent a friend in Greece a postcard from Golden Cap telling her that I was in England in March wearing a t-shirt. She received this postcard in December. Clearly the Greek postal service is as reliable as it ever was. Of course, now that we have an all-singing, all-dancing privatised effort of a postal service in the UK, it could just as easily have sat in the pocket of a disgruntled British postman for 9 months. Anyone who told me that all my voluntary work and varied experiences would help in my search for an interesting job received an icy glare


Apart from visiting the employment agencies to remind them how fabulous I was, I probably spent the rest of the month playing candy crush. I did drink coffee as well so I didn’t waste my time. Anyone who told me that all my voluntary work and varied experiences would help in my search for an interesting job got told to fuck off.


I can’t remember if it was in May that I read Goldfinch; I enjoyed it and it helped take my mind off the employment agencies. People stopped telling me that all my varied experiences and voluntary work would help in my search for an interesting job. Apart from one person, who I’m told will probably recover in time. I visited Northumberland and it became my new favourite place.


A 12-year-old staffing the reception of an employment agency raised her eyebrows at me and told me we’ve already told you that we’ll be in touch if there’s anything. I reflected on how useful it was that there are laws prohibiting me carrying a small loaded gun in my handbag. Instead I took a mature position and sat on a park bench and cried.


I got a job. It would seem that all those years of volunteering and my varied skills were extremely useful in helping me to find a job, which I’m pretty sure is what I’ve been telling people for years.  I bought some grown-up clothes.


Went to work. Got Paid.


Went to work. Also visited St David’s in Wales. We had perfect weather and saw seals. We walked a huge section of the coastline and I felt really pleased with myself.


Went to work. Joined a writing course and met some lovely talented people.


Went to work. Continued meeting with people from writing course.


Went to work. Met a lot of teachers and pupils from various private schools who confirmed every prejudice I hold about money and privilege.



  1. Was ist dieser “blog” ding? Two sweeties awarded.

  2. Welcome aboard.

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