Posted by: tabliope | June 13, 2014

An example of possibly needing to get out more

One of the wonderful things about being back in the UK is that I can understand most of what’s going on around me. To clarify, I understand the words that are being used around me and I’m not constantly referring to the list of vocabulary in my handbag or the instant translator on my phone. The downside is that although I understand the words I spend a good part of the day  perhaps a couple of minutes a day wondering what’s happening to the English language. Yes, I know about evolution of language but if you hang on while I pull my crinoline out from the wheel of my penny-farthing then I’ll give you Brand Ambassador. This surely shouldn’t exist outside of a marketing meeting, should it?

The context for this is that there is a shop in town looking for a Brand Ambassador. On questioning it would seem that they are looking for someone to serve customers in the shop.



  1. And social networker is an actual job now, too. Going onto facebook and fending off angry hoardes when it comes out your CEO has ties to the IRA.

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