Posted by: tabliope | November 29, 2013

I’m leaving here in a few hours and tonight we went downtown for drinks and a farewell-to-Athens dinner. This was after my farewell-to-friends coffee meet this morning and after our farewell-to-colleagues souvlaki night last night. Right now I’m stuffed full of food and my blood alcohol measurements aren’t at healthy levels.

The things that will stick with me are the following: (it’s a list – I like lists)

*It’s only when you’re leaving that people tell you how much they like you and how much they’ll miss you. Remember you’re liked, even loved, and that person who never really says much to you will really miss you when you go. Maybe we should be more open and say how much we like each other regardless of how uncool that would make us.

Actually, there is no list. Everything that is of any importance is written above and you may take from it what you wish.

I left England eleven years ago and tomorrow I go to the airport for what may be the hardest move yet; going home. Although it’s home, it’s a home of memory and of the rosy-tinted glasses and maybe it will be the biggest disappointment. Let’s hope not.






  1. Having dipped in and out of your blog since you left Germany I was quite disappointed to hear that you’re leaving Greece. I began to get a feel for the country just through your comments. Still, there is something special about going home. All the best to you both in England.

    • Thank you, Margaret

  2. […] years ago today I was preparing to leave Athens to return to the UK and I wrote this final blog post for Greece. More than ever now I believe that we should tell people how much we […]

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