Posted by: tabliope | October 1, 2013

Weather forecasts

One of the things I’ll miss is the lovely weather we have although I won’t miss July and August heat because that’s just too much. But I’ll miss the warm spring and autumn, miss being able to swim late into October and I’ll miss the warmth of the sun on my skin. I’ll also miss the rain. When they have rain here they have RAIN. It is torrential and can last for several hours – this is what we had in January although that’s at the extreme end of torrential rain. It’s the 1st of October and the weather clock ticked right in shortly after midnight with a huge thunderstorm which lit up Pendeli mountain with the rain continuing up until an hour ago. I needed wellies to be able to cross the road but now the sun is out and everything feels fresh.

This morning I checked the weather forecast for where I’m moving to and it was giving a light drizzle. Drizzle: the wasp of the weather world bringing nothing comforting, simply being a pest. Drizzle: should I put my umbrella up or not? Should I switch the windscreen wipers on or not? It’s glum, dismal and can go on for days. 



  1. No need to worry – we’ve been promised (!) torrential rain quite soon.

  2. I wonder if we have 50 words for rain, the same way the Eskimos have 50 words for snow.

    Drizzle, spitting, cats n dogs, torrential, sheeting, pissing it down, precipitation, downpour, shower, isolated shower, heavy shower … I can only make it 11 – you’d think we’d have more. We probably do.

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