Posted by: tabliope | September 25, 2013


For most of last year we expected to be going home very soon and certainly if not that soon it would be definitely be before the end of 2012. Welcome to late 2013 and how did that time go so quickly? I made the big mistake last year of believing that we would be leaving very soon and I didn’t just believe it, I told other people that this was happening. The next thing I knew was that I was consigned to the social dustbin with people scanning the room for someone who was likely to be staying and might be fun to do things with. 

When we returned from the Christmas break I decided that I wasn’t going anywhere any time soon so signed up for more Greek classes, I learnt how to play Bridge and joined more clubs and societies than a Fresher with an attention deficit disorder. And at the same time I’d hit the magical three year mark which seems to be the unspoken point where you are deemed to be staying rather than visiting. The words ‘going home’ were never uttered by me. I told all who asked, and many who didn’t, just how much I loved Greece (I do, which made it easier) and I was here forever and if there was only just one more club or group that I could join then I’d be even happier. 

Last week I burst that bubble because Athens, like anywhere, is actually one tiny village and the minute you’ve told one person then you might as well have held up a neon sign in Syntagma Square along with hiring a plane to throw leaflets down. People were coming to tell me that I was leaving about five minutes after I told the first two people. This isn’t even an exaggeration and I was somewhat tactless in how I reacted to the person who was going round TELLING MY NEWS. Still, one more friend lost but I’m leaving and I’ll probably go down in her history as that secretive, miserable cow. Well, moo to that I say, but only in private.

But now I’m in that limbo where plans are being made and I’m not going to be part of them but I haven’t got any plans yet for when I go home. Apart from going to Waitrose at least five times a day. 

But the limbo time will include a few weekends doing this:



On my list of things that I shall miss about Greece then this is going to be pretty high up on there.



  1. Let’s make plans for when you get back!

    • Oh yes – great!

  2. Don’t worry, there will be at least one or two days every summer in the UK when you can sort of do that! The wine will probably cost more than 3euro though, and you should probably bring an umbrella just in case.

  3. Maybe my liver will have a chance of recovering!

    • Not if the ex-20Six contingent have anything to do with it ….

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