Posted by: tabliope | September 23, 2013

Mapping the way

When the London flights take off from Athens airport they go out towards Marathonas Bay, flying over Rafina and then banking over Schinias beach before climbing over Pendeli mountain, the same mountain that I see from my sitting room window. Once over Pendeli the whole of the northern suburbs are laid out and you can spot Kifissia Avenue because of the ugly OTE tower and the green of Syngrou Park. Within seconds we pick up the junction of the Attiki Odos and the Ethniki Odos and we follow the same route that we would take if we were in the car driving down the motorway for a weekend on Poros. Beyond the road there is the sea with Aegina and Agistri looking so close and then we’re past the shipyards of Elefsina going on towards Corinth. There’s a brief flash of blue as we fly over the Corinth Canal and if we were in the car we would turn left here but instead the plane carries straight on over the channel separating the Peloponnese from Phocis and Central Greece. Just before we reach the Rio bridge the plane banks again and we are probably above Zante or Kefalonia.

In October I’ll take that flight when I go to England to look for somewhere for us to live and then we’ll take it one more time at the end of November when we go back to England to live. I won’t say that it’s for good because if there’s one thing that the last eleven years has taught me, it’s that things change. Things change but that which is important remains the same and we’re going back together.

I have this idea that I will do something with this blog between now and me leaving. I’m thinking possibly a photograph each day. Even I have the staying power for that, I think. For at least a week.

Or maybe a couple of days.



from the stork cafe

view from the stork


Yesterday we left Poros for, if not the last time, certainly for a very long time. Zefi and Taki’s hotel has been like a second home for us in many ways. It’s been a fabulous refuge from Athens and we’ve had the best olive oil each year from Taki’s farm. We tend to stop on the way home at a cafe called The Stork and the photo was taken yesterday to show that it’s not always blue skies here, but it is most of the time. I will miss those skies.





  1. This is so exciting.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful pic!

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