Posted by: tabliope | August 29, 2013

Mezethes – a variety.

Α: I’m going to import a lot of posts from an old blog into this one. Some of you will have read it all already because it was when I had a small private blog in Germany and continued for a short time while here in Athens. I’ve deleted all the posts that could get me into trouble so it’s probably not that interesting. This morning I was putting off doing some tasks and decided to tidy my computer up and I found the old blog and it was fun, for me, to read some of it. If you subscribe to this blog then you may get a squillion alerts or maybe not.

β: If you want to be offered a wonderful meze then pitch up in the Pelion at a tiny coastal village called Katigiorgis and you’ll be given some tsipouro along with small plates of whatever there happens to be: octopus marinated in olive oil, grilled octopus, smoked, salty fish, a mix of capers, aubergines and tomatoes, prawns, fried anchovies, olives. Drinking tsipouro isn’t only about the drinking; it’s about the ritual of the bottles being brought along with glasses, a carafe of chilled water and a bucket of ice. Despite being strong in alcohol, it’s surprisingly mild to drink and it’s helped along with the dishes of food. 

c: The southern end of Pelion may not be the easiest place to get to but it’s absolutely worth making the effort. It’s mostly cheap, cheerful, traditional and beautiful. There’s no luxury there unless you have enough money to rent this villa but staying at Fotini’s place just above the village with views across to Skiathos is great value and right on the edge of the forest path which takes you to the secret cove.

δ: Swimming in the secret cove before breakfast and lying under the early morning sun to dry off is one of the many lovely memories I’ll keep of this summer. Another lovely memory was finding a tiny village where everyone was so friendly and so delighted with my Greek that we returned there for lunch instead of staying in the more touristy Agia Kyriaki. This year we were lucky enough to have three weeks holiday in August and we lazed them away, eating mezethes, swimming, reading, watching the sea and generally feeling wonderful about our lives.

e: I read so many books but they were mostly the high-carb, easy thrillers that are easy and give instant satisfaction. One of the non-thrillers was Beautiful Ruins which I enjoyed but…..but.  Some of it was marvellous but as a whole it didn’t seem to hang together. It was like an elaborate tasting menu which left you over-filled yet unsatisfied. For me,one of the best books of the year is John le Carres A Delicate TruthAnd as our leaders pontificate about the different reasons for secrecy, war, invasions and morals it’s probably a good time to read this piece by le Carre.




  1. Oh, it all sounds wonderful: the food, the swimming, the secret cove, the feeling good about life. I hope your holiday high continues through the coming months.

  2. We’ll share that villa with you, but only if the owner throws in the use of the fishing boat as well.

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