Posted by: tabliope | March 1, 2013

weekend rescued from jaws of despair.

It’s Mr T’s birthday this weekend and, frankly, I think it would have been easier to organise a papal conclave rather than a simple birthday treat for him.   Being a simple, honest trusting soul I believe people when they offer to do things and I also expect them to say if they can’t do these things.  In December last year Mr T had had a sailing weekend on Aegina and I’d gone over to observe from the shore line and to browse the most excellent jewellery shop there.  While we were there we met up with some of the foreign community who live on the island and one of them asked us where we were staying.  We told him about our hotel and he said that he had an apartment that he would be happy to let to us for future weekends.  We discussed prices, exchanged phone numbers and all was lovely.  A few weeks ago when we fancied a little island trip I called  him and he agreed we could use the apartment for that particular weekend but he then called me a couple of days later to say ferries were on strike (thank you, National Union of Seamen) and that we’d better reconsider our plans.  Still pals, still all fine.

Last week I called and asked if we could rent the apartment for this weekend and I told him it was Mr T’s birthday and that he was hoping to do something boaty for the saturday and did he have any ideas?   He agreed that we could have the apartment but he’d call us on monday with details and talk about boats.  He never called so I left it till the wednesday and called him and left a message on his answer service saying that we were still keen to come and was this okay.  He never replied and so I sent him a text message in case the answer phone had played up.  (Yes, in my dating days I would imagine that the guy who never called had probably died and it couldn’t have been that he just wasn’t that in to me).  And he hasn’t got back to me.  How hard is it to text a ‘sorry can’t let you have apartment, after all’?  It’s so rude and unnecessary.

I explained to Mr T that the idea of boats and Aegina wasn’t going to happen the way I’d imagined.  Also the weather isn’t going to be great at the weekend and the hotels that are available within our budget aren’t that cosy in the rain.  They’re fine when it’s 42 degrees and all you want is a shower and air conditioner but they don’t translate to grim weather.   Then we decided on Poros and to stay in a hotel that we know well and stays open through the winter because the owners actually live in the hotel.  When I called Zefi to ask if we could have a room for the weekend she told me that she and her husband had looked at the weather forecast (grim) and decided that as they had no guests booked in they would go away for the weekend.   I waited for Zefi to say that I could stay at her brother’s or her uncle’s place but she just said, ‘so it’s a shame that we won’t see you but I’ll leave the keys in that place that you know and tell me which room you want and I’ll sort it out before we leave.  But there’s no breakfast, you’ll have to go to Taki’s sister.’  So we’ve upgraded from an apartment to an entire hotel and we’re going to have a great weekend despite the lack of sunshine.




  1. A whole hotel! You could walk around in the nude all weekend. I think that’s what I’d do, definitely.

  2. Gosh, that ended much better than I thought it was going to. Happy birthday, Mr T!

  3. Does the hotel have a bar? You should definitely recreate scenes from ‘Cocktail’, maybe not ‘The Shining’ though.

  4. That sounds amazing. But yeah, don’t think of ‘The Shining’. Stop it now.

  5. It was a fabulous weekend – in the winter the bar doesn’t open but we had been left cake, a bottle of wine and a couple of litres of their own freshly pressed olive oil.

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