Posted by: tabliope | December 4, 2012

it’s not just sunshine and olive oil

One of the downsides to living here at the moment is the number of people who have left Greece including most of my friends.  After spending a very quiet November which reminded me of some of the lonely times in Switzerland, albeit with better restaurants, I realised that I had to go out there and find some new friends.  ‘Get yourself to the Friend Shop, Tabs” I told myself  ‘and pick out a few that you like the look of’.

I did the next best thing to visiting the Friend Shop and put myself on the adult equivalent of the Friendship Bench by going to a lunch that was organised for people who are too feckless to organise their own lunch dates.  It was like a particularly ruthless form of speed dating with questions being fired out to establish whether or not you were worthy of the next step up the friendship ladder.  Oddly enough the second question I was asked by three different women was: ‘what did my husband do?’.  Seriously, didn’t this sort of thing go out of fashion a few decades ago?

I think you should all move here now.  That works for me.



  1. See also: (inevitably asked by my mother) “and what does his father do?”

  2. Oh Miss K you have just reminded me of the full horror

  3. Bet those women were married to Embassy staff.

  4. I’ve never heard of a Friendship Bench but I love that idea. I could still do with one sometimes, and have someone bring me cake and tea.

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