Posted by: tabliope | December 3, 2012

Cross words.

One of the casualties of the financial crisis is the loss of our English-language newspaper, Athens News.  To begin with the paper limped on by cutting the salaries of the staff by up to 40% and not paying freelancers but the bailiffs came into other parts of the organisation and now there hasn’t been a print issue for nearly six weeks and even the website hasn’t been updated for a couple of weeks.  We’ve still got the website of ekathimerini but that doesn’t suit Mr T who still enjoys the smudge of ink on his fingers and consequently is very sad at the loss of another printed journal.  I quite enjoyed the crossword despite it being bought in from the US and I’m not sure that they do the cryptic crossword quite as well as the UK does.  And let’s not get into the unhelpful spellings but I still enjoyed it because it was in a newspaper rather than printed onto a sheet of A4 paper from the internet.  It really does make a difference.  You either like doing crosswords in a proper newspaper or you don’t and I won’t waste my breath trying to justify it.




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