Posted by: tabliope | December 2, 2012

Essential Oil

Before I came to live in Greece I bought olive oil in the supermarket and from time to time would think of my childhood in the  east of Scotland where my only exposure to olive oil had been from the tiny bottle marked B.P. which was kept in the bathroom cabinet and brought out for earache emergencies.  My mum would warm it gently in a teaspoon and then dip a piece of cotton wool in it before placing it in my ear.  If she had been aware that elsewhere in Europe people were dressing salads and vegetables with this oil she would have turned up her nose and wondered if it would not be a little bit, well, oily.  She had a horror of greasy food and pouring olive oil on your food would have been the height of greasy living.

My first year in Greece and I bought some oil direct from a farm on the Peloponnese near to Poros island.  I brought home a couple of  plastic bottles filled with freshly pressed oil and got through it fairly quickly.  This year I’m waiting to take delivery of a 5-litre can of oil from a farm in a different part of the Peloponnese.  Because of the dry autumn the olive harvest has been delayed and so I’m not sure when I’m going to get this.  Fortunately the  father of one Mr T’s colleagues has kindly sent over a couple of litres of oil from his supply to keep me going until my can arrives so I won’t be reduced to buying it in the supermarket.

The price of a 5-litre can?  15 euros plus the 1 euro for the can.


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