Posted by: tabliope | October 2, 2012

A pariah writes

This afternoon I telephoned the neighbour who lives in the apartment below mine to explain that we might have a rat and to enquire as to whether or not they might ever have had a rat too.   Evidently not; and she got off the phone so quickly she was clearly worried that our possible rat was going to crawl through the airwaves into her place.   Having taken advice from the pest control people it seems that it makes sense to put traps in all the places where the possible rat may be visiting and I fondly imagined that she may not necessarily be pleased by this information, but would at least be grateful for it.

This evening, on my way to the bin area, she was chatting to our other neighbour and they ostentatiously stopped talking as I walked past clutching my bags of rubbish.  I think they’re sewing a scarlet R as I write this.

Yes, I foolishly opened doors that I swore would remain shut.  On the plus side we now have a very clean study.



  1. I can’t decide whether I think rats are worse than mice, or the other way around. Mice always strike me as being a) more plentiful, and b) more likely to scurry around and surprise you. I think of rats as being noisier and more solitary. However, I also think of rats as being more likely to attack. I hope this has helped you.

  2. You should have shaken your rubbish bags at her …..

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