Posted by: tabliope | June 16, 2012

Perhaps by Mond…

Perhaps by Monday Greece will have an elected government or maybe none of the parties will be able to garner enough votes to allow them to take the next step for Greece and her recovery.   Most of the commentary I’ve read seems to be Syriza or New Democracy and no one seems to have gone for that third option of still not being able to form a government and none of the parties wanting to play together.  What happens then?  More caretaker government and more of the thugs from Golden Dawn using violence as a debating tool?

So many people have written Greece off as being the profligate member of the EU family thus she got what she deserved and hard cheese to anyone who wants to moan.   I won’t even pretend to understand the economics of how it all got to this stage but I’d be happy to lay a bet that someone, somewhere has got rich from it.

Since the last election I’ve been reasonably confident that the Thatcher Effect would prevail; no one would ever admit voting for her but she always got back in.  I felt that the groundswell of support for Syriza may be more of the same and that when people were in the privacy of the voting booth they’d go for New Democracy.  The joke here is that they’re neither new nor democratic.  But now it’s looking more and more as if Syriza could be elected.  If that happens then I hope that it’s a good thing for Greece.  For me, as a guest, it probably makes little difference who gets in but I hope whoever does manages to start letting people here have a decent standard of living.

There is poverty here; real poverty.  Some of the people who still have jobs have worked for months without a proper salary, if any at all.  Pharmacies and hospitals are running out of drugs.  Children are being abandoned to a shaky state system of care because their families can’t afford to feed them.  Even in the affluent area I live in there are signs of decay and dereliction with some houses lying abandoned and many shops boarded up.  Last week, only a few streets away from  me a gentleman left his house early in the morning with a rifle and shot himself in the street. 

This morning I went to the supermarket and panic buying was in full swing.   I have never seen so much long-life milk stacked up in that supermarket and people were wheeling it away in bulk.  Never one to miss a trend I joined in with the panic and have stocked up on dried goods and milk.  What any of us think is going to happen isn’t clear, but I’ve got enough milk to provide coffee for lots of guests so if you fancy a trip maybe now is the time to come.  Really, I’m not kidding because apart from the bad things, of which there are many, we have sunshine and islands.  The apricots are sweet and the nectarines and peaches are cheap.   I know where you can get 10 litres of very drinkable Rose for less than the price of three cups of coffee in the upmarket coffee stores. 




  1. I hope and trust the milk is UHT?

    Good luck and don’t forget to stock up on booze and steritabs.

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