Posted by: tabliope | April 9, 2012

Elbowing into the spotlight

Back in the day when I had a blog that I wrote in rather than just keeping it to fill space on the internet, I made friends with Waffle and we met up and had a hilarious couple of days in Brussels.  Because I like her enormously and hope that we’ll meet up again one day I won’t link to her wonderful account of what a great time she had when she met me.  Let’s just say it was slightly premature. Although I’ve never met her brother or sister I’ve kept up to date with them through her blog and found out that Nicola, who was always known as the publishing executive is now a fully fledged writer, who is probably now filled with a deep loathing of publishing executives, and has had her first novel published in Ireland and Australia.  It’s coming out in the UK soon and Germany too I think.   All of you, all three of you who might still read this, can find out more here at Nicola’s blog.




  1. My goodness! Nicola very kindly sent me a copy of her book a while ago but I had NO idea that she was Waffle’s sister!

    • it’s a small world Lesley – I think there may only be six of us out there.

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