Posted by: tabliope | December 5, 2011

Greek baked goods

a recipe for some traditional Greek baking:

Mix a lot of sugar with even more honey and then add some syrup.  Stir in some more sugar and adjust sweetness with honey.  Add sugar or syrup to taste.

Yield: More than you could ever think anyone could eat but it probably won’t be enough

Calories: Don’t even go there.

This is particularly good when accompanied by a comprehensive dental plan and some shares in drugs for diabetes.



  1. *holds out plate*

  2. There’s them and then there’s the dangerous creamy custardy splurgey flakey sugary doodahs …. *dribbles*

  3. My best friend is Greek. I easily gain a kilo a day whenever I stay with her.

  4. oh this reminds me of how I used to try to explain Greek food to people: “mix 1 part food with 1 part olive oil, then drizzle olive oil on top.” hehe.

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