Posted by: tabliope | December 1, 2011

NaBloPoMo and other jazz

Well that was November and I have reinforced that if I say I’m going to do something, then I do it; or perhaps we could call it flogging a dead horse.  For me the best thing about blogging was when I was doing it relatively anonymously and I didn’t know any of the people who were reading it.  Of course, I need to remember that back in that day I was blogging on a platform that had a fantastic group of people using it and we fired each other up and the community element of it made blogging much more fun.  I’ve made some great friends out of that but I don’t want all of them reading all of my stuff all of the time. Perhaps Google + will become something useful although I don’t know.

And I’m not as angry as I was then.  I think some of the best blogging comes out of the worst things.  That’s certainly true for me and I would say that my Swiss blog and one other that I wrote while I was there are probably the best things that I will ever do.

Although I don’t advertise this blog neither do I hide it and anyone who finds it can read it.  That, I think, makes for pretty dull blogging.  I can’t tell you about all the different relationships, the petty feuds, the interesting people and the utter lunatics that I meet.  That for me is the stuff that interests me and I think it’s what interests other people.  I don’t want to write a holiday/travel blog about Greece because I don’t have those talents:  Azure, turquoise, blue, green, deep, shallow sea.  Islands, beaches, tavernas and more pretty views.  Look there’s a white church over there.  Blah and more blah.

Far more interesting, I think, is writing  about the guy  (Russian, I think) who got so fed up of waiting for his souvlaki in our local cafe that he stood around shouting I fucking wait one hour for fucking food, they fucking here and they fucking eating fucking food.  Fucking wrong.  And he kept walking out and the waiters were being reasonable and he was fucking this and fucking that and I couldn’t see because I had my back to it and Mr T and our friend were doing the running commentary.  Although I could hear that he wasn’t happy and that he’d got a more than solid grasp of varieties of using fucking.  How proud his teacher must be.





  1. That is *exactly* how I feel about blogging as well. There’s things I would definitely write about if it were anonymous but I think pretty much all the people who read my blog know me in real life and that kind of negates the reason I started in the first place (i.e. I didn’t want to bore my friends with my moaning so I put it on the internet instead. Although those people off the internet are my friends now and I don’t see the other ones so much. Hm.)

    I failed in my month of blogging but I’m quite proud I did three weeks – that’s more than I’d done in years so hopefully it’s given me some momentum. Not only did you achieve it but you kept it interesting!

    Re: the fucking man in the fucking café – swearing never takes on the same taboos in someone else’s language. When I was in South America, my friend’s boyfriend of some months starting saying ‘fucking’ as an adverb. Some months after that, he asked in passing ‘what does fucking actually mean? You and Kate say it all the time’. I can swear quite proficiently in Spanish but I don’t really have any grasp on when any of it would or would not be appropriate.

  2. Right at this moment, all over the world, lonely misfits of all kinds are typing the word “fucking” into their search engines and – hopefully – your blog is coming top of the list.

    (I say ‘hopefully’ because I think it would be nice for them to have something else to do.)

  3. I totally agree with you. I think that the more miserable you are and the nastier you can be, the better your blog will be – this involves not sharing it with anyone you know. I know that sounds dreadful, but it feels true. The things I would like to say on my blog but know I absolutely CAN’T are by far the most entertaining.

    Though, I must say, I quite enjoy your Greek insights. I think that’s another thing that makes blogging better – being somewhere else, doing something different. It takes real genius to make a brilliant blog out of living at home and doing the same things.

    Congratulations on surviving November!

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