Posted by: tabliope | November 27, 2011

A confusion of collectives

When I was six-years-old I had a teacher called Miss Benzie and she was a saintly both in her love of children and what appeared to be a great love of explaining things to children and encouraging us to continue our own investigations.   I clearly remember her explaining the concept of a collective noun after we had had a story which included a flock of sheep.  Over the following weeks we added more to the list that she kept on the back wall of the classroom along with the lists of shades of colour and names of mountains.   Since then I’ve always enjoyed the idea of collective nouns and was led to this article and then in turn to this. 

I have vague memories of someone doing something with collective nouns back in the 20six days.  There’s quite a collection for bloggers and I quite like an ‘outrage’ of bloggers but, truthfully, I think a ‘yawn’ might be more appropriate.



  1. An introspection.

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