Posted by: tabliope | November 26, 2011

More food

A recommendation for great yoghurt: Olympus.  It is far lovelier than the Total yoghurt which seems to have the largest share of Greek yoghurt in the UK.  I’m not a fan of low fat products and tend to see them as low taste with added sweetener but the Olympus 2% yoghurt is fabulous and doesn’t taste like it could be remotely good for you.  It’s available in the UK but I’m not sure where.  Incidentally one of the quirks of international economics means that you can buy Total Greek yoghurt, made in a factory about 2 kilometers from my place, more cheaply in the UK than you can in the supermarket round the corner from me.

The best yoghurt in the world remains the yoghurt that I ate once when I was visiting Aegina and I intend to return and eat yoghurt in every cafe on the sea front until I find it again.  Then I’ll just stay there and eat yoghurt.  Forever.






  1. I could probably help you find that. If you fancied some help, that is.

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