Posted by: tabliope | November 22, 2011


There’s a bit in the ‘Add New Post’ of my Word Press setup that allows you to request feedback on your draft before publishing.  Where on earth does it go?  Who looks at it?  Do they mark it out of ten or perhaps advise you to sell the laptop and cancel your internet connection?  Is it a person or more of a ‘computer says no’ type of thing?   I’m terribly tempted to send this in just to see if I get any answers.




  1. Do it. How have you not been tempted to press it before? Do it now and report back immediately.

  2. Well? Huh? Are you still there?

  3. I didn’t do it. I’m working my way up to it.

  4. I pressed the feedback button – all it is is a link to you being able to email it to a friend before publishing.

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