Posted by: tabliope | November 20, 2011

A Sunday in Athens

In the cooler months we’ve got into the habit of taking the bus downtown and walking around different parts of the city before ending up somewhere in Monastiraki or Thiseo for lunch.  If we want souvlaki then we head down to Monastiraki otherwise we go to one of our favourite places on Ariadnou near the Agora.  Although it’s tourist central there’s still some good food to be had especially at Thannassos in Monastiraki.

Today Ariadnou was filled with people walking slowly along checking out the various stalls with trinkets for sale and most of the cafes and bars were full with no available seats.  Crisis, what crisis?  But only four weeks ago I was downtown with a friend during a 48-hour museum strike and it was virtually empty with hardly anyone in the shops or cafes.  We got great views of the Parthenon but it seemed odd with no one walking around high up there on the rock.

We ate a huge lunch and walked it off by going up Philapapou Hill walking past the Melina Mercouri Cultural Centre and along the pathway that goes past the Roman Agora.

Have a bit of the lovely Melina Mercouri:


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