Posted by: tabliope | November 11, 2011

the king is dead long live the economist

Barring any last minute farce Greece should have a new, unelected, Prime Minister in post at noon today.  Perhaps he’ll keep us in the Euro or we’ll all be wheeling around trolleys full of drachmas to buy a pint of milk.   Maybe, in the end, Greece won’t get the decision to stay and it will be imposed on them by the grown-ups.

Mr Papandreou made an interesting resignation speech where he didn’t actually say he was resigning but he did tell us that he had a Greek flag in his heart and was a child of the diaspora.  One of the (many) criticisms that has been leveled at Mr P during his time in politics is that he’s not really Greek and that his English is better than his Greek.  I can’t judge the quality of his accent or his vocabulary but in this extract from his resignation speech he doesn’t have the emotion that I’ve become used to seeing and hearing from the people I see who may only be passing comments about the fact that it’s a nice day today.  For a resignation speech I’d expect theatre; shouting, handwaving, breast-beating.   He could be collecting bus tickets for all the excitement he’s displaying.


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