Posted by: tabliope | November 10, 2011

and on the 10th day we said ‘let there be bread’

Yesterday an old Greek lady, I imagine a widow because she was dressed entirely in black, came up and asked me directly to please give her some money for bread.  It’s not the first time this has happened here and I think it’s another example of the crisis that is gripping this country.  Greece has never been known for having a liberal approach to social welfare, preferring instead to rely on the family (I can’t hear family without imagining this being shouted by Peggy Mitchell which is odd because I haven’t been close to an episode of East Enders for about 10 years).  I can’t not give a few Euros to an old lady and not just because I’m particularly charitable but because of the bad karma that would follow me around if I didn’t give some money.  The thought of me widowed, roaming around suburban streets in England looking for some money once Cameron and his mob have dismantled the welfare state frightens me. I wanted to buy her cake too.

I don’t know where it’s going to end.

(And are we really only 10 days into this blogging-every-day gig?)





  1. Remember that you can simply post pictures of kittens for the next 20 days.

  2. I’m looking at it more as ‘we’re a third of the way through – hooray!’, although admittedly I really can’t remember how I used to breezily manage more than one blog, which were updated all the time. It feels like it’s been ages.

  3. Oh Kate, you are a wonderful optimist.
    Sara, it may come to that – or photos of souvlaki.

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