Posted by: tabliope | November 9, 2011

There may be no leader but there’s always wine

At midnight on Tuesday I lost my bet with The Irate Greek that Mr Papandreou would have resigned and that Greece would now have a new prime minister. (I offered a bottle of φεγγιτεσ (Feggites) to her offer of a good South African)   She’s not blogging so much these days but she tweets here in English and provides a great commentary for those of us who live here but only have restaurant Greek.  Perhaps there will be a government and prime minister by the end of Wednesday but even after three days everything seems to be working without anyone at the wheel.

Φεγγιτεσ (Feggites) is a red wine that I discovered when a friend came to stay last year and then promptly forgot about until she came back again and reminded me how good it was.  Having no idea of what it was called we went in and described the label to the patient lady in my conveniently local wine store.  It’s got a picture rather like a half of a Trivial Pursuit ‘pie’ on the front.  It falls well outside my dream of decent wine for under 10 euros, being nearly 15 euros, but it’s worth it for a treat.  It’s probably not for drinking in the summer in Greece because it’s too full-bodied and any time between May and September wouldn’t be worth it.  Early October when the evenings have started to cool and you’ve roasted something in the oven (in this case, some lamb marinated in rosemary, oil and garlic) and this wine will be the perfect companion.  I should have made some better notes but all I can remember is that I enjoyed it and I can’t say that for a lot of the Greek red wines I’ve tasted.

Does anyone fancy being Prime Minister of Greece?  So far everyone who has been asked seems to have declined.



  1. I am prepared to give it a decent bash. I’m pretty sure I could knock out a good information guide on the topic anyway.

  2. Ok, you take Greece and I’ll do Italy as they said on the radio this morning that apparently Berlusconi is only still in power because there isn’t anyone else up to the job. My tiny toy Moomin could probably have done a better job – how hard can it be?

  3. Ok ladies – I’m expecting gin to be put on the National Health as a matter of urgency

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