Posted by: tabliope | November 5, 2011


There are some prompts on the BlogHer website about what to write about when you don’t know what to write about and one of them was a rerun of what would you choose for your very own last supper.  Despite having an appetite that has rarely let me down I’m pretty sure that knowing that it was going to be my last meal and dessert was going to be death, rather than death by chocolate, I’d probably be putting that last meal off for as long as possible.

But I suppose that one of the best, simplest things in the world that is tasty, easy and makes me feel happy is a good Greek salad.  It’s so easy to get it right that it never ceases to amaze me how many restaurants get it wrong.

First of all, it really has to be eaten in the summer preferably later July or early August because the tomatoes will be at their absolute best.   There’s no point in using tomatoes that haven’t ripened in the sun because they’ll have no flavour.  If you can get Feta that hasn’t been wrapped in plastic or soaked in brine then so much the better.  There’s a great little shop just up the road from me in Nea Erythrea where you can buy it from the barrel and it’s creamy, tangy with a touch of salt.


a few sun-ripened tomatoes cut into bite sized pieces

peeled cucumber sliced to the thickness of a euro coin (assuming the euro still exists)

sliced red onion

black olives


feta cheese


olive oil

Place all ingredients in a large bowl.  Depending on the feta cheese you’ve bought it should crumble across the top of the salad rather than being perched on top like a lump of plasticine.  Sit in the sun, preferably with a sea view, and eat it.

*some people put green peppers into a Greek salad and it’s wrong – capers all the way.



  1. You missed a step after “eat it”:

    “, passing the olives and capers to someone, probably lustrous and female, who will appreciate them.”

    I love Greek salad, but olives and capers are about the only two natural things on this planet that I don’t like the taste of.

    • Oddly enough I was thinking about you when I wrote this because KE and I had been talking about your dislike of capers.

  2. You have now made me hungry for sunshine and Greek salad – on a grey, drizzly day in London.

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