Posted by: tabliope | November 4, 2011

Greek melt-down

From what I can gather from reading about the latest episode of the Greek crisis, George Papandreaou is going to go for a vote of no confidence in his leadership and if he wins it he’s going to resign and then there’s going to be a government of national unity.  And if he loses the vote of no confidence?  No, I don’t know either.

Maybe I’m being simplistic (there’s no maybe about it, in all honesty) but the way I see it is:

  • George trots all around Europe getting money to shore up the economy and makes all kinds of promises as to how it will be paid back.
  • Greek people take the money and then say they’re not happy with what George has negotiated so they go on strike, have the odd riot or two and be generally disruptive.
  • Antonis Samaris, the leader of New Democracy (rival to PASOK, George’s party) spends 18 months telling everyone that George is a dimwit and got it wrong and if he was in charge he wouldn’t let Sarkozy and Merkel kick him around.  No sir.
  • George finally thinks that he’s had enough of everyone telling him he’s doing a rotten job while they take the money from Europe so he says that if they want to continue having it they have to vote for it in a referendum.
  • Sarkozy and Merkel get the hump and tell George that’s not on.
  • Greek people say that they really like Germany and France and the Euro but they don’t want a referendum.  They want George to go but they want to keep the bailout
  • Samaris suddenly decides that actually he quite agrees with the terms of the bailout and that maybe George should just go anyway and then he can be in charge and do exactly what George has been doing for the last 18 months.
  • er, that’s it.
  • apart from there’s probably going to be a transport strike on Monday so it’s business as usual in some places.



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