Posted by: tabliope | November 3, 2011

The only wash is Essex


Why Essex for washing powder?  But I think it could be good fun if more manufacturers chose place names for their products.

Arbroath Shampoo: for when you want to look as if you’ve been walking around in drizzle for the last two hours.

Dover Bleach: gets your lavatory as sparkling white as our cliffs.

London Nail Varnish: for that polished metropolitan look.






  1. London Nail Polish is already here!

  2. Ha, I logged on to say that! Of course I was beaten by Kate.

    • had I know the fashionistas were in town I’d have tried a bit harder

      Tooting toothpaste or some such

      • My bleary mind couldn’t think of anything that early but Tooting Toothpaste sounds pleasingly like something from the 20s “Get your teeth ‘toot toot’ shiny with Toothing Tooth Paste”.

  3. Dover Bleach

    The bath is filthy to-night.
    The sink is fouled, the grime lies thick
    upon the toilet bowl…

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