Posted by: tabliope | October 22, 2011

a difficult life

Every now and again I get a flashback to Miss Hendry’s office; Miss Hendry was the headmistress at my secondary school.  She was quite definitely a headmistress and not a head teacher.  On the whole she believed in stating things as they were and not hiding behind euphemisms or trying to be tactful.  The only time that she didn’t do this was when she had me sent to her office for a discussion about my latest crime although for many of the visits it took some time for me to realise that she was playing the part of the police and not about to give me some sort of award for making teachers’ lives more fulfilling.  After a while she would ask me why I chose to make my life so difficult and, of course, now I know that she was really asking why I had to be so bloody stupid all the time.  I didn’t know then and I don’t know now…


… but I was talking to a friend about blogging and said that I would start to post once a week and then I was talking to some other people and said that I would definitely post more often and then I read Belgian Waffle’s post about some stupid thing about writing a blog post for ever every day for the rest of your life and I thought ‘I could do that’.  And then I remembered Miss Hendry but what did she know anyway?

I’ve signed up, done the passwords, filled the forms and all that stuff and I’ll probably end up blogging my shopping list but at least it’s a start.  See you in November.





  1. [this is good] Blogging pictures of kittens would also be acceptable.

  2. I signed up to do it too! I may not be able to remember the password but I am thus far willing and enthusiastic (for now)!

    • oh MissK that’s excellent, we can have some sort of support group or something

      Sara, why do you think i was so frantic for you to send me the pics?

  3. Back in the ol’ 20Six days I used to blog all day every day, mainly due to having a boss who was mostly away in Brussels or Strasbourgn so I had bugger all else to do all day. You poor people – it must’ve been so tedious for you!

  4. Oh very good.

    Oh and Pog, I miss your regular updates.

  5. Aww shucks.

    Actually, this new job isn’t exactly full-on – at least not at the mo – so perhaps I’ll try and exercise the ol’ blogging muscles once more …

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