Posted by: tabliope | June 22, 2011

Living in Athens: the dilemmas.

Let me give you a run down of the difficulties at the moment:

1.  At the weekend we want to go to the coast but because we’re only going to be away for one night I can’t decide whether it’s worth taking the metro to Pireaus and crossing to Agistri or if we should drive to Oropos and cross to Evia.  Both have rooms for less than 40 euros a night with a sea view.

2.  I’m hungry and I can’t decide if  want a snack of  salty feta with the olives I bought on the market or if I need some of the sweet, thick yoghurt from Varvos.  The olives cost four euros a kilo.  Perhaps I could just dip bread in the olive oil that I get from the Peloponnese.  I’ve just remembered the salted capers I bought on the roadside in Evia last week and they’d go well with the cheese and olives.

3.  Later this year I’ve got a friend coming to visit and I can’t decide which island we should visit because there are about seven that we could go to.

4.  Should I have a studio apartment or a hotel room for our four-day trip to Spetses later this year?

This country may be on its arse financially but it still has lots of wonderful things to offer.  Come and share my dilemmas.



  1. I would really love to share in some of those dilemmas but, like Greece, I’m flat broke.

  2. Oh to have such dilemmas …. just lovely!

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