Posted by: tabliope | June 15, 2011

Live news

Just because we have a 24-hour news service doesn’t mean that we’re moving any faster.  All it means is that we’re sitting around shouting ‘what?’ at the television.  My Greek is still pretty much limited to working my way around a souvlaki menu but I can understand what the live broadcast from Syntagma Square is giving us:

So, Yanni what’s the news on Papandreaou?

There is no news on Papandreaou – I want two sugars in my coffee and go large on the baklava.

So, Yanni, do you think Papandreaou will resign tonight?

No idea, but we need more souvlaki.  Go large on that too.

You heard it here first.







  1. It sounds like 24-hour news pretty much anywhere. Except prehaps more tasty.

  2. This breaking news is DELICIOUS!

  3. This is the best kind of breaking news!

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