Posted by: tabliope | April 18, 2011

Modern Manners

Somewhere near Southampton in the UK there’s a single woman who works in recruitment who shares my forename and the initials of my surname. She’s currently looking for a new house but she doesn’t want a large garden and two of her friends who she’s recently got back in contact with are teachers.  Three weeks ago she made an appointment to look at a very modern house on the edge of Southampton which had an asking price of £60,000 higher than she hopes to sell her current property for.  Her parents are either divorced or her father died because her mother has a ‘friend’ called Brian who has two sons and a few weeks ago her mother was planning a lunch to give them an opportunity to all meet.

The reason I know all this, and much more, is because this lady and I have email addresses that are very similar and I receive emails for her at least once a month.  I received the first email about one year ago and because I’m a technical genius I worked out what the problem was and replied to the person who sent it.  Over the months a few more have arrived and I’ve always replied and explained that I’m not the Tabliobe that they want.  With the exception of her mother none of the others has replied to thank me.  Not even the estate agent who would have been sitting around waiting for a client who knew nothing about the appointment.  This merely confirms my prejudices about estate agents, but is it really too much effort to hit the reply button and type ‘thanks’?  Even ‘tx’ would do at a push.

Most of my friends are polite and well mannered and I’m quite sure that if any of you sent an email to the wrong person, particularly if it was a reasonably important email and someone bothered to take the trouble to reply, you would acknowledge it?  Don’t disappoint me here.



  1. I do this all the time as my predecessor has seemingly used her leaving as an opportunity to cut off contact with her friends, so I get invitations to hen weekends, trips away, singles events, Linked-In contacts and most of the time will tell the sender that the person they want isn’t here any more.

  2. I’m glad her mother replied to you. Evidently this other Tabliope was well brought up, but has since associated with rude people. She’s fallen in with a bad crowd.

  3. I get lots of invitations to school functions. In America. I always reply and tell them that it’s really,really not me, what with living in England and not having any kids, but do they listen? Nah.

  4. Of course, but then if I were the real estate agent I might also take the opportunity to test your interest in a house likely to go for $60K about a certain budget limit…

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