Posted by: tabliope | January 31, 2011

You may have Waitrose

But when I need to buy more olive oil I  go to the Pelloponnese and in the midst of what seems like the never-ending transport strike that’s what makes living here really rather good.   If I can’t be bothered to cook then I’ve got two excellent souvlaki joints just 10 minutes away or  a ‘mezodopoliou’ where you choose from twenty or so dishes brought to you on trays.  Marinated octopus, haloumi stacks, rocket with soft goat’s cheese and garlicky tzatziki are my favourites.   Last night we ate in a fish restaurant where for 20 euros a head we had fish soup, tiny fried shrimps, whitebait, chips, salads, grilled fish, fried cake with icecream and enough wine to float a ferry across the Saronic Gulf.  Thank goodness the restaurants haven’t gone on strike.

Any typos are because my fingers may be too fat for the keyboard.



  1. God that sounds good …

  2. Sounds wonderful. Glad you’re enjoying life there.

  3. You big showoff.

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