Posted by: tabliope | December 17, 2010

No time wasters.

Okay, I suppose it was naive of me  to expect that after five days of striking that the metro and suburban railway could manage to operate for more than five hours without going on strike again.  The positive side to this is that I’m getting pretty good at dealing with Athenian taxi drivers.  No longer do I hover on the edge of the pavement with a pleading tone to my voice.  Oh no, now I’m in the cab  before I even start to say where I want to go and then keep repeating my destination with different accents until one of them registers with the cabbie.

It was a long and expensive cab journey today but it did allow me to read the Athens News in its entirety including this wonderful ad from Miss Nena.  I’m not sure that I have any Japanese readers but if anyone can help the lady out then I’m sure she’ll be more than grateful.



  1. Ha ha! Thanks Miss Nena for lighting up my morning! What a lady!

  2. Miss Nena certainly knows what she wants …

  3. I like the specificity of Miss Nena. No beating about the bust there.

  4. Sorry, Freudian slip, beating about the bush, I meant beating about the bush.

    • very good Anne

      yes, she’s very precise and knows exactly what she wants and isn’t afraid to tell us.

  5. It looks a bit like one of the LRB personal ads, only without a pun at the end. I really want if Miss Nena gets her man (and car).

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