Posted by: tabliope | October 7, 2010

If you thought that I got over excited about oranges on trees….

…then you’d only have been embarrassed by my absolute delight over seeing pomegranates.  And I don’t just get excited the once I’m afraid,  so if you’re unfortunate enough to be in the car with me while driving on Evia, for instance, you will have had the Great Pomegranate Commentary. (Oh look pomegranates, oh there’s more pomegranates, aren’t they lovely, look pomegranates -put on a loop tape)  But it really is exciting because they’re pomegranates and they grow wild.  Yes, I know they’re impossible to eat and not actually that nice but they grow on trees.  On trees, I’m telling you.   Do you want to know about the pistachio nut trees?  Are you sure?

Apart from exotica on trees life goes along exactly as usual and to show just how much as usual it is, today we have yet another national strike which is where everyone goes on strike together.    This is different to other days where only one sector goes on strike at at time.  To be honest as an expat living in my privileged cocoon the strikes don’t make too big a difference to my day because most of the time no one works properly anyway but it must wear thin if you’re ill, have children or need to make your own arrangements with government departments.

The next exciting thing in my big book of exciting things is the Greek wedding that I’m going to next week.  It seems very civilised; we turn up to the church in the evening then the bride and groom disappear for the wedding photographs while the guests go off to where the reception is being held where they get to start eating and drinking.  Eventually the bridge and groom will have had enough photographs to grace the frames of every relative from here to Thesalonika and they’ll come to the reception where we have phase 2 of eating and drinking.  Eating and drinking goes on until the small hours when the dancing and drinking starts.  Then the eating starts again and then it’s carriages at dawn.   Evidently it’s impossible to overdress for a Greek wedding although I’m going to do my level best.




  1. … I’d like to hear about pistachio nut trees. I love pistachios.

  2. And did you know that monkey nuts grow UNDER the soil? You wouldn’t even know they’re there – they could be all around you!
    (I’d be so excited by pomegranates and oranges too)

  3. I wish this country had the gumption for a national strike.

    I like the sound of the Greek Wedding. It reminds me of the one I went to in Istanbul, although I bet your version won’t have a ‘humiliate the English people by forcing them to dance with a belly dancer and fail to tell them you have to give her money to go away’ section.

  4. I also want to know about pistachio nut trees. Pistachios! The most expensive and most delicious of all the nuts!

  5. the cases for the nuts are pink when they’re ripe and the whole tree is beautiful – when the nuts get to market then the shells are still soft but they’re starting to go a more ivory/pearl colour with pink tinges on the edges –

  6. I really like pomegranates – and allegedly they’re really good for you.

    The wedding sounds absolutely fab – and do give us a description of the outfit!

  7. I ate a couple of pomegranates off the trees in while in Mexico recently. They were in a sort of orchard but it was unkempt and I don’t know how “cultivated” they were. I’d never eaten them before and I was delighted by the curious texture.

  8. I never get excited about pomegranates, but I suspect I will in the near future.

  9. But seeing fruit grow on a tree is terribly exciting! I got so over excited about pomegranates when I was in Keffalonia for my friends’ wedding, that I scrumped one off a tree for them (as a misguided fertility offering) and its shrivelled remains still grace the bookshelf at their house.

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