Posted by: tabliope | August 18, 2010

autumn or burnt?

Early this morning, 6.30 am,  there was a breeze coming through the open window and it wasn’t just warm air moving around.  Later I walked to the post office and the air wasn’t exactly cool but there was a gentleness to it that hadn’t been there even last week.  By 10.ooam it was back to the suffocating heat but in the early morning I walked through the botanical gardens and saw the huge chestnuts almost ready to burst and throw their conkers to the ground.  It is odd for me to reconcile seeing chestnuts while still needing to wear a sunhat.  Creepers and leaves are showing orange and yellow tones but it’s difficult to tell if they are merely dried out and fading with the heat or if this may be autumn showing her petticoats.  Perhaps, as they say in Germany, Der Herbst steht vor der Tür.  I’m looking forward to more visitors but there’s always room for Autumn if she wants to show her face.

Yesterday evening we went to one of the open-air cinemas.  Along with the film you hear the dogs bark as the motorcycles drive past and wild kittens play under the seats with the discarded sweet wrappers.  Here’s an interesting article about these cinemas.



  1. Leider auch in England steht der Herbst vor der Tür.


    Dr G

  2. I loved the open-air cinema in Paros – there was definitely something magical about sitting under a starry sky, quaffing a cold beer – apart from the mosquitos that feasted on my ankles, of course!

    • oh yes, the mosquitos – we sprayed liberally before leaving home.

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