Posted by: tabliope | July 30, 2010

Plan? What Plan?

Plan A: When it gets hot in Athens spend every weekend out of the city by the sea.  Annoy everyone you know by throwing around casual references to the different islands you visit.

Plan B: Spend the weekend at home because the trucker strike continues and there is no petrol to be had in the city.  And this would be the weekend where they’ve closed the metro from Attiki to Falero which is roughly the same as closing the Central Line and the Northern Line.  I suspect it would be quicker to fly to Turkey at the moment than take the metro and bus to Piraeus.

To add insult to injury I’ve now discovered that eating souvlaki and drinking cheap wine in our local souvlaki shop means that I’m going to pay heavily for this a couple of hours later.  Perhaps now might be a good time to invest in Gaviscon shares.  What do I do for a hobby now?



  1. Also, how will you entertain your out-of-town guests?

    Perhaps things would improve if you drank more expensive wine.

  2. it’s okay – the metro line will be back from 9th August and the truck strike appears to have ended.

  3. Oh dear – did the souvlaki come back to haunt you?

  4. I wasn’t worried about the metro – predictably, I have wine and souvlaki on my mind.

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