Posted by: tabliope | June 7, 2010

If your name’s Ella don’t come to Greece

Ela, ελα: I hear it all the time and the exact translation is ‘come’ but it’s used in almost every single exchange between Greeks.  I sat on the bus (there is only one bus) on Agistri as the bus driver had a long conversation which consisted mostly of ελα.  Depending on context and tone of voice it can mean ‘what?’, ‘hurry up’ ‘you don’t say?’  ‘hello’, ‘really?’ – as in “I don’t think that’s true’.  When they’re not shouting ελα then it’s entaksi, εντακσι which just means whatever they want it to mean at the time, but I think it’s meant to be okay.

Our bus driver’s ελα exchange ended up with him throwing us all off the bus and him marching off in a strop and the Athenians on the bus explained that everyone on the island is crazy.   I think it was all about a change of shift and the new driver being late because we all got on the bus two minutes later with a different driver.  They’re not all crazy on Agistri and neither are they nasty, so I can’t understand why someone ended up on this blog looking for ‘nasty Agistri islanders’.  You won’t find them here and you probably won’t find them on Agistri.  But you will find a lovely taverna overlooking the harbour and the church where the fresh fish is caught by the owner and his son.  One of the reasons this blog doesn’t get updated too often is because we spend a lot of time eating fish at Georgio’s.




  1. Ela H!
    And yamas …

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