Posted by: tabliope | May 13, 2010

Lost in Translation

I seem to have hit the white wine jackpot pretty early on in this game.  There’s a very friendly little wine produced  from the Savatiano grape and is currently on special offer in our local wine merchant’s for 5.50 Euros per bottle.  Normally it’s about 6.70 Euros per bottle which is still very reasonable for this wine.   At the moment I’m still trying to work out what it’s actually called because Google and I are having a disagreement about what the Greek letters on the label translate to.  There’s a picture of a cockerel on the label if that helps.



  1. Kellogg’s Corn Flakes also have a cockerel on the label. Perhaps they are branching into new areas of business?

    How strong are Greek wines? Are they mostly 13% and up like new world wines, or do they tend to be lighter? For some reason I assume they will be lighter – perhaps because I assume they’re all being drunk on hot sunny patios in the afternoon.

    • some of the bottled stuff is about 12 or 13% but I think the taverna stuff is a lot lighter – we seem to be able to get through more of it.

  2. I am busy scribbling all these down for my not-that-far-away-now-depending-on-the-ash Paros holiday.
    I’m afraid we’re flying straight to Mykonons and then ferrying out to Paros rather than coming via Athens Tabs – otherwise would have been able to split a bottle of cockerel wine with you …

    • I’m very disappointed that we can’t meet up in some dark bar in Piraeus but it’s certainly better for you to fly to Mykonos and then ferry onto Paros. I’m not sure that I can ever go to Mykonos because I believe there’s a law that you have to be very hip to go there.

  3. Me too. I don’t think that can possibly be true about Mykonos, though, as they let me holiday there a few years back. Mind you, I was with two gay blokes to provide some cover ….

  4. […] under ten Euros a bottle and instead have been grabbing either a bottle of Sigalis Santorini or the Savatiano and retiring to the shady spot of the balcony.  But laziness has brought some reward because […]

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