Posted by: tabliope | April 22, 2010

We’ll be eating locusts next.

On some of the greyer, rainier January days I’d look at the oranges on the trees and remember that the sun would come.  I remember feeling so excited by oranges on trees and now we still have the oranges but there is also the blossom which sneaks up on you and then whacks you square on the nose.  It’s now warm enough to sit on the balcony in the early evening and drink a chilled glass of Boutari Moschifilero while being mugged by orange blossom.  The award winning 2009 is available in the supermarket for around 7 Euros which is not to be sniffed at; not unless you’re trying to capture the citrus, floral and melon aromas.   If this wine was a song it would be Wouldn’t It be Nice by the Beach Boys; a lightweight start and are you kidding me?  Where’s this going?  Hey, that’s not bad.  OOps I’m singing along to The Beach Boys, but it’s not bad.  It’s really quite good.  Yes, I will have another glass and, are you kidding me, we drank it all?


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