Posted by: tabliope | April 22, 2010

time of my life

Having fun doesn't do much for blogging but apart from that I think everything is pretty much perfect.  Of course, there are problems with the banking but we're getting used to carrying bags of cash around.  And the strikes can be annoying but it's not that bad because we're cushioned against much of it.  Really it's all just orange blossom and 99% blue skies.  Yesterday as I was leaving a friend's house I told her that we were planning to go to Aegina  for the weekend providing it wasn't cloudy.  How lucky are we that if we don't go this weekend we'll go next weekend or the one after that?  We've decided that we'll go even if it is cloudy because it will be ideal for walking.

On Tuesday I was walking home after spending some time with friends and it occurred to me that I can't really remember a time when I was this happy, this relaxed and this carefree.  An email from my sister-in-law tested that momentarily, but sitting on the balcony with a glass of white wine watching the sunset through the olive trees pretty much sorted that out.

Sometimes I worry that it's all too perfect and when does the bad thing happen?



  1. That sounds so perfect.  I don’t think bad things happen to you in Greece, its the rules.

  2. That’s so fantastic to see what a great time you’re having.  I’ve trained myself not to ask when the bad thing’s going to happen, because to be honest, it already has – this is just the universe putting everything back in order.

  3. I reckon after stuffy old Switzerland you earned it, m’dear!

  4. It sounds divine.  We went to Ancient Aegina when we were there.  It was deserted save for the taxi driver and an old lady on the souvenir stand.  But this was December.

  5. I hope this continues for you for a long time x

  6. [this is good] Hooray!

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