Posted by: tabliope | April 11, 2010

I do this so you don’t have to.

No one really seems to rate Greek wine and having had more than my fair share of nasty retsina and thin, sour red wine in Greece I’m not too surprised.  But I’ve decided to struggle on and find some good wines here, not just drinkable, but stuff that you don’t have to first get your guests sozzled on gin before they’ll drink it.  Evidently Greece was one of the earliest wine producers and is home to the second oldest know grape wine remnants  (they’re still serving it at a taverna on Kea, I think).  After having drunk some very disappointing stuff from the supermarkets and in the tavernas I decided to make friends with our local wine store, which is conveniently local as in right next door. ‘What took you so long, Tab?’ I hear you cry.  Well, a mixture of worrying that it would all be far too expensive, that they wouldn’t speak English and just general laziness is the answer.   So, they do speak English, it’s not all that expensive and they were really helpful.   For the moment I have six different wines all within 10 – 12 euros per bottle.


Cava Papaioannon 2001 12 Euros

This is a winner – both within Chateaux Tabliope and for the winery.  Tastes of blackcurrant without the sense of glugging ribena and it’s nicely dry without making you catch your breath or make you fear that your teeth have lost their enamel.  I’m buying more.


Sigalis Santorini 10 Euros

I had a glass of this yesterday evening and was slightly disappointed because I felt it had a slightly fizzy undertone.   In the interests of quality research I’m having another glass while typing out this post and it’s definitely much better.  It’s got a citrus note (oooh, get me – I’m not actually sure what note is but it’s lemony) and really rather good.  I could imagine sitting in Santorini eating some grilled fish, looking over the bay and having a few glasses of this.  It’s going down quite nicely in the northern suburbs of athens too.  I’d buy this again too and I’m tempted to try more from Sigalis.



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