Posted by: tabliope | March 25, 2010

Kea (Tzia)

Although we’ve had holidays on a few Greek islands this will be the first island trip since coming to live here.  Kea, known locally as Tzia, is reached from the port of Lavrio and Lavrio is about 30 minutes from the airport by car.  There’s a bus from Athens to get to Kea but it can take up to two hours to get there.  We’ll be driving down from the northern suburbs and expect to get there in an hour.  If you wanted to make the most of your time then it’s probably worth trying to visit Poseidon’s Temple at Sounion because it’s just a few kilometres away.  Should you have a strong desire to throw money around then there’s a pretty flash hotel nearby otherwise you could just drive down to the little bay round the corner and eat in one of the beachside tavernas and get a great view before driving back round to Lavrio to take the late afternoon ferry to Kea.

If your guide book of choice is the Rough Guide to Greece then you probably won’t have put Kea on your list of islands to visit because they’re not very complimentary whereas Lonely Planet gives it much more favourable reviews.  I’ve had this island recommended to me by several Greek people and a lot of the expat crowd reckon it’s worth a visit.  If you google Kea without adding Greece to the search then you don’t get islands, but you do get a heck of a lot of listings for a Swedish furniture store.  Mr T is already concerned that he’s going to be spending the next three days looking at flat-pack furniture and eating Daim Bars.



  1. That Temple of Poseidon looks familiar. Look out for Harpies. Otherwise have a great time.

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