Posted by: tabliope | March 18, 2010

Athens isn’t working

On Tuesday evening we had our own experience of relativity with a short power cut.  It’s only short when it’s happening to someone else and let me tell you that the romance of candlelight palls after about 10 minutes.  It would seem that it’s only the banks and the supermarkets that haven’t, as yet, gone on strike.  I suspect that that’s because no one would notice if the Pretend Bank of Toytown went on strike and don’t mention the staff in supermarkets.

Greece is about 7000 years away from understanding about customer service and satisfaction.  Sometimes it’s fun watching the guys in some of the larger American coffee shops being outrageously rude to their  customers, except for when it’s happening to me, of course.  I have had so many meltdowns in supermarkets that I’m fast approaching the point that I may soon have nowhere left to shop.  Last week I queued for about 20 minutes at one of two staffed checkouts and after I’d put all my shopping onto the conveyor belt the cashier looked at me and my shopping and told me that I had to go to the other till because her till was broken.  Clearly she wasn’t a happy bunny because she shouted at me and then at the supervisor who came to help her.  The other checkout had about 12 people gathered in its area and you’d have been pretty hard pressed to come up with the idea that these people represented a queue.  It was more like a gang than a queue, with people forcing their way through announcing that they’d only got three things, and they were trumped by someone who only had one thing and I so I left my shopping on the conveyor belt and marched out.  The feeling of satisfaction lasted for the seventeen seconds that it took me to realise that this meant that I still had to do my shopping and this meant going to the other supermarket which makes the first supermarket seem like Harrods.

But all is not doom and gloom because I’ve found a great little travel agent where I can buy my ferry and dolphin tickets to the islands so in the interests of supporting good and helpful businesses we’ve booked tickets to go to Kea and make a long weekend for Independence Day and then to Agistri for Easter. So, who cares about power cuts?



  1. I hate shopping in supermarkets over there, so your experience would likely drive me to murder!
    The islands sound lovely – how wonderful!

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