Posted by: tabliope | February 18, 2010

vegetarians look away now

I’m not sure what exactly you’d do with a lamb’s head but you can get six of them for three euros down at the central markets.

I quite like the idea of putting them on the end of broomsticks and having some sort of puppet theatre of horror on the balcony, but maybe that’s not the way to make friends in the neighbourhood.



  1. I was close to saying I’d try it… but then I saw that they still have their teeth…

    I think you should give it a go. Your puppet theatre idea is also hilarious!

  2. I can’t stop staring at them. You could use them as macabre bulldog clips, or maybe as alternative fascinators.

    Or look at this recipe, which gets more horrendous as it goes along and suggests decorating the finished dish with a garland of daisies:'s-head-2009051835856/

    • foxy – for some reason wordpress spammed your comment and I only found it when I went into my laptop at my internet provider

  3. You know I’m going to go looking for those here now don’t you. When I find some I’ll let you know what I did with them. It might even be a ‘puppet theatre of horror’. Just because I love the phrase.

  4. There’s a stall in the nightly food market in Djemaa el Fna in Marakesh which is entirely stocked with cooked heads – in rows looking at you. Which still have their teeth. I was just hoping they’d cleaned the teeth before cooking them ….

  5. Perhaps you should prepare yourself for the Moment you will be invited to a big greek Dinner and someone is serving you a plate with one of this heads grinning at you…will you say “Hello, how are you?”
    I wonder, what will happen, if it open this tiny little teeth and says:” thank you, I’m fine!”

  6. Speaking of cooking animal heads. I finally got it together to describe my ‘Piggy Head cook Experience’ (A weak attempt at punning on The Jimmy Hendrix Experience’)

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