Posted by: tabliope | February 1, 2010

Yes, we have no connection today!

Week 8 in the Big Bother household and Johnny and Fanny are still managing to stay alive without a functioning communications system.  Most of the time Fanny manages to cope with this but, from time to time, there's a little extra thrown into her day to make her lose that zen that she's been cultivating.

I don't spend my whole time talking about the lack of a connection; I spend some of my time talking about how I feel on any given day about not having a connection.  The low point was a couple of weeks ago after I'd gone back to the shop for what felt like the twentieth time and still got nowhere.  I stomped back home along the main Kifissias Avenue (think something like Oxford Street with no decent pavement) in the rain and started to cry.  Then a car drove through a puddle and drenched me.  When I got to the pedestrian crossing 2 cars and a moped cut through on my right-of-way.  It was my absolute low point and nothing has been that bad since and there have even been days when I don't mind about any of it. 

On the whole I'm fine and I keep reminding myself that it is going to get better and it's all going to be sunshine and islands.  Yesterday was fantastic because it was sunny and we went up to the Acropolis (it's free on sundays in the winter) and we had fantastic views right across the Saronic Gulf.  After that we found a great restaurant in the back streets of the Plaka and ate far too much lovely food.  It more than made up for all of the other stuff. 

Fortunately I've made contact with some pretty great women through a couple of expat groups.  I've got all sorts of volunteering opportunities (or perhaps interfering opportunities) and there are museum trips lined up and I've also started my Greek classes.  I've also been invited to the Helping Handbags benefit.  All I need to do is take one of my designer handbags and donate it to the benefit and then buy another 'gently used' designer handbag and then all the money goes to help stray donkeys or something.  I've had a search through my handbags and my sum total of designer handbags seems to be zero.  I'm wondering if I can persuade them that Marks and Spencer is the British Prada?



  1. A week traveling for work purposes on my own has (so far – with another 10 days to go) given me a different perspective on this.  I think you’re amazing for moving to new countries and facing everything new every time – and am just surprised that you don’t make it sound even more difficult than you do.  

    (I’m terribly homesick right now…)  

  2. its a ‘vintage’ handbag darlinks!
    You are doing so well -just you wait til its hot and you can swan about eating feta cheese and olives and gloating about it to us! x

  3. Just keep on thinking about the sunshine and islands …
    Tell them your only designer handbag is made out of stray donkeys so you don’t feel it’s appropriate.
    Um.  Sorry.

  4. I’m with Oink – moving from east to south London was hard enough. I think you’re brilliant to cope with a whole new country, especially one that is determined to keep you off the internet.
    ‘Gently used’ comes a close second to ‘pre-loved’ as a euphemism for ‘second-hand’. See also: vintage, nearly new.

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