Posted by: tabliope | January 20, 2010

The past really was another country

Living for four years in Switzerland was the perfect training camp for moving to Germany and this meant that I was probably the first British person, ever, not to feel critical of the bureaucracy or the general day-to-day living. However, as a preparation for moving to Athens all that Teutonic efficiency has been absolutely no help at all and the only pleasure that I can garner from some of our day-to-day problems of settling-in is that the Swiss would have wet themselves with outrage by now. Perhaps I need to spend a couple of months in downtown Kabul and then I’ll start to feel less picky.

On the plus side; last weekend we drove across Pendeli mountain and there below us was the blue sea with the island of Evvia just 30 minutes away. We ate fresh fish in a restaurant overlooking the Saronic Gulf. There was no menu – it was simply calamari or fish with some salad and we could have had potatoes too if we’d wanted. It’s only a 40 minute drive but it’s an enormous difference from the WAG wannabe lifestyle of the northern suburbs where we live. A visit to the temple of Nemesis at Rhamnous and we forget the blonded, botoxed, blinged creatures that navigate their way through the designer stores of Kifissia.

I’m trying to work out how to organise an orchestral overture when you open this page for when we finally get our own internet connection. Given the time that it’s taking,the internet will be redundant and we’ll be doing everything by telepathy. But we do have temples and blue skies and islands.



  1. That weekend trip sounds wonderful, it really does.
    I was also tickled by the thought of straitlaced Swiss people getting red-faced and soggy with frustration.

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