Posted by: tabliope | January 13, 2010

Back to blue skies and orange trees.

I'm feeling much better today after meeting up with a load of people this morning and gettting some useful information packs.  There were loads of people there and I wasn't the only new person – it felt a bit like Freshers Week at university with all sorts of people trying to recruit you to their causes; saving puppies, kittens and horses.  Did I want to adopt a street dog? No.  A kitten?  No and I certainly don't want a pony on the balcony either, thanks.  It's majority Brits and Americans but with a sprinkling of French and Dutch too.  I've got a couple of things in my diary – it looks like it's going to be a 5-year-long coffee morning living here but it's better than being completely on my own.  Johnny goes off for a week in 10 days and that feels not so bad now. 



  1. All sounds very promising, H – what a relief for you.
    We have grey skies and snow again, by the way ….

  2. [this is good] Good stuff.  Those street dogs used to go around in pretty large packs, I seem to remember.  I can’t imagine any of them would want to be adopted.

  3. it’s raining today PlubsJando, The Greek government dealt with about 7,000,000 street dogs before the Olympics – there are still some large packs around but I’ve not seen any in my neighbourhood.  But you’re right, they’re having far too much fun terrorising people like me to want to be adopted.

  4. Can I have the pony for my terrace if you don’t want it?

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