Posted by: tabliope | January 12, 2010

Come Whine With Me – it’s the pity party of the decade.

Before I start, I know that having spent the weekend posting snapshots of blue skies and seas that I've got rather a nerve to start moaning.  But, like that's going to stop me?

First up: Internet and phone.  God know's what is going on with this and Johnny is going to pop in and see about it on his way home tonight.  Now, why don't I do something about it, I hear you ask?  That's a good question and allows me to launch straight into the second moan which is that I have about as much status here as a pigeon.  I'm not going to waste my free wifi time boring on about this but it involves the fact that I don't have a tax number and if you don't have a tax number then you might as well go home because nothing's going to happen.  I will get a tax number eventually and then I can be included on our bank account and be allowed to be a proper grown-up.

Yesterday my mobile phone, my one thing that allows me to communicate beyond the apartment, went onto 'no service'.  I tell you I broke the landspeed record getting down to the Vodafone shop to find out why I'd been cut off.  Turned out that it had been a glitch in the system and it actually sorted itself out by the time the member of staff who could speak English was free, but it freaked me out completely.  I can't believe how hung up I am on the whole phone/internet thing but I am.  I know it will get sorted out but at the moment I want to hurl myself on the floor in the style of a three-year-old and start sobbing that it's not fair. 

And anyone who's muttering about Greek islands, fish and sunshine can shut up now.

I think I'm a bit home-sick and Johnny's really busy and I'm having to get him to do all sorts of things that I should be able to do for us but am unable to do so because of bureaucracy.  And, remember I've lived in Switzerland and Germany where life is lived by the power of form-filling so I'm not exactly a stranger to it. 

I know it's going to get better and it's probably going to get better really quickly and I'll feel a bit of a prat for writing this post but I don't care.  Tomorrow I'm meeting up with an some expats and that's going to be really helpful because they've got a big information pack which will help me sort some things out plus I'll actually get to meet some people which will give me a whole new raft of things (people) to moan about.

The good things: the sunshine (but it's rained today) and, on the whole, most people want to help and are friendly.  Johnny's secretary is called Cleopatra and she's organised Johnny's lunches for the next month.  The security man at the labs used to work in Slough and is delighted because Johnny knew where it was without having to have it explained to him.  There's the formal and informal 'you' in the Greek language but there's also an intermediate bit and this is why Johnny is called Mr Johnny by his team. 

I know it's going to get better and I remember feeling much worse than this when I first moved to Switzerland.

And relax.



  1. I don’t think you should feel a prat for being frustrated and home-sick and thwarted by bureaucracy. And of course the phone and internet are crucial – I couldn’t get through work without them, let alone face a major move to a new country without them.
    I hope you and Mr Johnny find everything does get better very quickly.

  2. What foxy said. 
    To be honest I’d be moaning a lot more about the lack of internet/phone thing than you.  I think you’re entirely justified to feel out of kilter.  If this is the pity party of the decade then I shudder to think what my blog is.

  3. Uh huh – what they said.  (Nothing like a snotty nose and chilly, grey January day to get my whinge gland working overtime ….) 
    ‘Mr Johnny’ did make me smile, though.

  4. Moan ahead… of course you can ..  but at least you know someone called Cleopatra.  We should all know people called that.

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