Posted by: tabliope | January 8, 2010

an unconnected life

There’s an abundance of free wifi in Athens which is how I’m managing to create this post and on that note I’d like to introduce the candidate that has managed to make the German telephone network look efficient: Ladies and gentlemen please give a big hand to the Greek telephone company. I’m led to understand that we will get a telephone and internet connection one day, but as this apparently involves one company speaking to another company and then someone taking responsibility for flicking a switch somewhere, then it could be a long time.

After the snowiest, coldest Christmas anywhere, ever, in the whole world and certainly since before the dawn of time and the earliest Doctor Who, we returned to Athens and straight into that Greek Orthodox bunfight of Epiphany. It’s a bank holiday which involves a televised religious service lasting for three hours and ten minutes. It wasn’t my own religious fervour that enabled me to time this but my neighbour over-sharing his enjoyment of it all. As well as a lot of church there’s the Blessing of the Waters. This isn’t a remedy for cystitis but is a crucifix being hurled into the ocean and lots of young men stripping their shirts off before diving into the water to retrieve the crucifix. We saw two minutes of the edited highlights of this which made me realise that perhaps not all Greek Orthodox rituals are wrong. Being British I celebrated this day by dismantling my christmas lights.



  1. That particular Greek Orthodox ritual sounds most – um .. err – uplifting. Yes, that’s the word.

  2. indeed pog.

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