Posted by: tabliope | December 14, 2009

Hurrahs and Boos

Let's start with a great big hurrah for the fact that the apartment is lovely and almost exactly as remembered.  There are a couple of plumbing issues that need to be sorted but nothing on the yucky end of plumbing so that's okay.  It seems that the square meterage includes the rather large balconies but we've certainly got enough space and in the summer we are going to be very pleased with our large balconies.  Keeping with the hurrah end of things we have now emptied all of our boxes, but this leads us straight into one very large BOO.  It's such a big boo that it may break the sound barrier.

Lots of stuff has gone missing – some of Johnny's rather groovy camera equipment but that can be replaced on the insurance.  The things that can't be replaced are some silver dollars that Johnny got from the company he used to work for.   In the 22 years that Johnny worked for the previous company he'd created a lot of different things that made the company a lot of money; that was his job, but whenever he did something that went to patent then he would have this 'purchased' from him.  The purchase was through commemorative silver dollars from the Canadian mint (he previously worked for a Canadian company).  Each year all the scientists who had something go to patent would be invited to a big fancy dinner and then presented with the silver dollars.  He only has the empty boxes.

The other things that have gone missing are all the xmas presents that I wrapped before we left Germany.  Many of the xmas presents are (boast alert) beautifully hand-knitted garments for my nieces and sisters-in-law so I have no chance of recreating them before xmas.  I'd also bought my sisters-in-law some pretty paper goods when I was in Florence.  It's all gone.  At the moment we're hanging onto the idea that maybe a box or two has gone astray. 

We have also had no post and this morning we are going to brave the post office and see what's happened to it. 

We do, however, have oranges growing on trees and when the sun shines it's beautiful.  And I have a local cafe that makes good coffee and has free wifi.  Given that it may be some time in the next century when the Greeks get round to connecting us to internet and phone at home, we are grateful for this.



  1. Surely if you’ve got empty boxes for the coins then you’ve got reason to pursue a criminal case?

  2. How horrible.  Here’s hoping the boxes of presents and stuff turn up – but the empty boxes for the silver dollars sound rather more ominous.  As Oink says, I would have thought that you’ve got a pretty solid comeback on the removals company in a case like this.

  3. That is so miserable and a thoroughly unpleasant start to life in a new country. I hope a stray box finds its way to you.

  4. That really is a huge ‘boo’.  I would be doing a lot of angry crying.  I know I’d be trying to persuade that they’re ‘only things’, but there’s no escaping the feeling of being violated.  It’s like being burgled.
    Sorry – I’ve got no practical advice to offer – I’m glad there are some hoorah things to compensate.

  5. I’m afraid the only thing I can think of to say is: “What a bunch of cunts’

  6. Echo chaotic. Those empty boxes suggest it’s not just oversight.

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